Our clients take advantage of our multidisciplinary expertise and
innovative technology for their drug discovery needs

Sibylla Biotech has developed a proprietary platform that offers highly flexible and customized solutions across the early stage drug discovery pipeline on a fee-for-service basis and co-development deals.
We can tackle disease-related proteins in different therapeutic areas hard to target by the standard drug discovery approaches.
Using our innovative technology, Sibylla Biotech can deliver the detailed characterization of the protein folding pathway of a relevant target at atomistic level of resolution. This reconstruction allows the identification of protein folding intermediates as new pharmacological targets.
Sibylla Biotech can provide the 3D structures of the intermediates as well as the detection of druggable sites exclusively present on such protein conformations.
We have also designed ad-hoc workflows combining virtual screening and in-house developed scoring functions to identify small molecules specifically able to bind and stabilize the intermediates, thus interfering on the folding process. Experimental hit validation can be provided by a panel of in vitro assays.
We can also implement customized solutions from the validated hits to follow on to optimized lead identification and pre-clinical candidates selection.


November 2019
New team member!
Head of wet laboratory dr. Tania Massgnan hired in the scientific staff

October 2019
Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer finances our research

October 2019
Direction: Silicon Valley!

August 2019
New team member!
Computer scientist Alberto Boldrini hired in the scientific staff

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