We are continuously developing our technology

We are building up our portfolio of molecules, while pursuing our research benchmarks:
>  studying a steadily growing number of undruggable proteins
>  working on the application to misfolding pathologies
>  explaining how drugs work
>  understanding the effect of our approach on side effects
>  considering the application of our technology in agriculture issues.

  • Protein folding simulation

    Protein folding simulation
    Alpha-1 antitripsin

  • Application to misfolding

    Application to misfolding
    Prion protein
    Atomistic simulation of the interconversion of a cellular prion protein into a pathogenic aggregate of misfolded prion proteins


November 2019
New team member!
Head of wet laboratory dr. Tania Massgnan hired in the scientific staff

October 2019
Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer finances our research

October 2019
Direction: Silicon Valley!

August 2019
New team member!
Computer scientist Alberto Boldrini hired in the scientific staff

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