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Drug Discovery & Development

Witnessing the Birth of a New Generation of Pharmacological Degraders

From in silico protein folding predictions…

The PPI-FIT technology allows the exploration of unique pharmacological targets represented by protein folding intermediates. This innovation places Sibylla in the exclusive position of identifying Folding Interfering Degraders, small molecules with a mechanism of action that has never been explored.


… to AI-based drug design…

Sibylla employs physics-based computational methods in combination with the proprietary AI-platform Oneiros to drive the discovery and the optimization of Folding Interfering Degraders. Built on the foundation of solid and rigorously validated internal data, Oneiros is tailored on the new mechanism of action and delivers unparalleled accuracy and acceleration. 


… to biological characterization…

Our ongoing experience with the technology is driving the way we analyze Folding Interfering Degraders. Indeed, since the method acts on folding intermediates, our experimental investigation is tailored to detect effects at the level of nascent protein chains by relying on cell-based and biochemical/biophysical assays. Next, we employ context-dependent, disease-relevant assays to evaluate the therapeutic potentials of each individual hit.

… to a drug candidate and beyond

Our core mission is to bring the Folding Interfering Degraders from the laboratory research to the clinic, fulfilling regulatory requirements and devising the best translational strategy. Leveraging our PPI-FIT technology, our goal is to allow a therapeutic opportunity to undruggable targets with the potential of saving million lives.