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Internal programs

Sibylla’s platform allows the identification of folding interfering degraders acting against targets in any therapeutic area. Due to the unique mechanism of action, we differentiate our small molecules with respect to drugs on the market or in development. Our lead asset is a Cyclin D1 degrader, now proceeding towards the clinic. Our pipeline comprises a number of internal oncological targets in the discovery and optimization phase, as well as an internal target in another therapeutic area.


Sibylla targets the Pharma industries’ need for out-sourcing discovery and preclinical studies through collaboration partnerships, where the proprietary discovery and development platform can be applied to targets of their interest. Sibylla is currently engaged in a exploratory discovery partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical and in a strategic discovery and development deal with Ono Pharmaceutical, both in CNS space.

Sibylla also evaluates co-development opportunities on targets of common interest, to make the best out of different expertise.