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At Sibylla Biotech, we face the complexity of drug discovery with the power of an innovative approach for meeting unmet medical needs.

Born out of a scientific challenge, the PPI-FIT protocol (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediates Targeting) leverages the enabling breakthrough of performing atomistic protein folding pathways simulations to unveil a new class of folding interfering degraders.

Sibylla’s drugs are small-molecule protein degraders, and PPI-FIT applies to any therapeutic area.

We carry out an internal pipeline of projects in our biology lab. Here, we start the drug discovery processes of hit identification and hit-to-lead in cell-based assays.

At the computational and medicinal chemistry lab, innovation is continuously pushed forward in new technologies. We count on a powerfully motivated and multidisciplinary team of scientists to meet our commitment to widening the range of druggable targets soon.


Computational platform

Early stage drug discovery

New team member! – Leda Bencheva

Leda Bencheva hired as Principal Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry Lab

Giovanni Spagnolli appointed as CTO

Giovanni Spagnolli appointed as CTO of Sibylla Biotech

New team member! – Alexandros Patsilinakos

Alexandros Patsilinakos hired as Head of Medicinal Chemistry Lab

Sibylla Biotech selected by Nature among the eight best start-ups in the world in the life-science sector

Sibylla Biotech selected by Nature among the eight best start-ups in the world in the life-science sector Sibylla Biotech, a spin-off of INFN, the University of Trento, and the University of Perugia, has been selected, the only Italian company, as a finalist of the...

Sibylla Biotech Announces Drug Discovery Agreement with Takeda

Sibylla Biotech will use its Drug Discovery platform to modulate the activity of targets supplied by Takeda. The Italian startup company will partner its innovative PPI-FIT Drug Discovery platform with Takeda to generate novel compounds designed to modulate the...

The scientific paper about PPI-FIT technology

Recent computational advancements in the simulation of biochemical processes allow investigating the mechanisms involved in protein regulation with realistic physics-based models, at an atomistic level of resolution.

New team member! – Federica Mantovani

Federica Mantovani hired as Sales Manager

New team member! – Serena Bonifati

Serena Bonifati hired in the scientific staff

New structural target against COVID-19

A new structural target for drug development against COVID-19 has been unveiled today by Sibylla Biotech in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), the University of Trento and University of Perugia.

New team member! – Luca Terruzzi

Computer scientist Luca Terruzzi hired in the scientific staff