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 Fold the future

At Sibylla Biotech, we face the complexity of drug discovery with the power of an innovative approach for meeting unmet medical needs.

Born out of a scientific challenge, the PPI-FIT protocol (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediates Targeting) leverages the enabling breakthrough of performing atomistic protein folding pathways simulations to unveil a new class of folding interfering degraders.

Sibylla’s drugs are small-molecule protein degraders, and PPI-FIT applies to any therapeutic area.

We carry out an internal pipeline of projects in our biology lab. Here, we start the drug discovery processes of hit identification and hit-to-lead in cell-based assays.

At the computational and medicinal chemistry lab, innovation is continuously pushed forward in new technologies. We count on a powerfully motivated and multidisciplinary team of scientists to meet our commitment to widening the range of druggable targets soon.


Computational platform

Early stage drug discovery