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Oneiros AI Platform

Sibylla is committed to innovating and addressing the complex and unmet challenges of drug discovery and development. The synergy of human expertise, solid science and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms is the foundation of Oneiros, our artificial intelligence platform. Oneiros is at the forefront of this transformation, employing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to improve and accelerate our processes, from binding site identification to hit discovery and optimization.

Our machine learning models are continuously evolving and improving in their prediction accuracy thanks to the growing base of in-house curated and reliable data. From a discovery point of view, Oneiros enables the exploration of the unique configurations of the folding intermediate states to find the most suitable druggable binding sites. Moreover, it allows us to efficiently design new chemical entities and explore the vast chemical universe by prioritizing the most promising molecules. Sibylla then uses tailored AI-based processes from hit identification to the preclinical drug discovery phase. Our commitment to combining human intelligence with cutting-edge AI technology is driving faster, more efficient drug discovery and development processes, promising a brighter future for healthcare and patient outcomes.

Sibylla is at the forefront of revolutionizing the drug discovery landscape by merging human expertise with robust scientific knowledge and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Our platform leads the transformation, deploying advanced machine learning to quickly navigate and prioritize the most promising compounds from a vast chemical universe. Employing specialized AI-driven processes from the initial hit identification to the later stages of preclinical drug discovery, Sibylla effectively addresses the intricate challenges of drug discovery. By harnessing AI, we’re not just navigating past traditional hurdles but also establishing new standards for creating impactful treatments. Our dedication to blending human insight with the latest AI innovations propels us toward more rapid and efficient drug discovery processes, signaling a more hopeful future for healthcare and patient care.