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Sibylla Biotech will use its Drug Discovery platform to modulate the activity of targets supplied by Takeda.

The Italian startup company will partner its innovative PPI-FIT Drug Discovery platform with Takeda to generate novel compounds designed to modulate the activity of selected pharmacological targets supplied by Takeda

Sibylla PPI-FIT technology identifies novel druggable pockets in the intermediate folding states of proteins

Sibylla intends to market the PPI-FIT technology platform-as-a-service‚ to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It also plans to generate its own in-house proprietary pipeline

Verona (Italy), May 18th 2021 – Sibylla Biotech announced a research collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to discover novel small molecules that modulate the activity of selected pharmacological targets.

Sibylla Biotech is the sole licensee of PPI-FIT (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediate Targeting), a novel technology that can predict the existence of druggable pockets in the folding intermediates of proteins. PPI-FIT has been invented by Sibylla‚ academic founders and is a striking example of technology transfer. PPI-FIT can be applied to any therapeutic area.

Many previously‚ undruggable‚ pharmacological targets can be newly analyzed and druggable pockets may be found, which disappear in the native state. Small molecules capable of binding these pockets can be developed into new drugs to solve long-lasting and unmet medical needs. The technology has been validated by generating small molecules that impair the folding process of the prion protein, thus inactivating it. The prion protein, when misfolded, is responsible for the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and other lethal neurodegenerative diseases.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sibylla will use the PPI-FIT technology to identify druggable binding pockets in the folding intermediates of proteins of interest to Takeda. Once these pockets have been identified, Sibylla will also generate small molecules that can bind such pockets and will test the biological effects of those novel molecules.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Takeda where we have the opportunity to discover novel pharmacological targets with the potential to open the door to new treatments for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases with significant need. This is just a first step, yet a big one” said Dr. Lidia Pieri, CEO and co-founder of Sibylla Biotech.

The financial terms and the scientific details of the agreement remain undisclosed.